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Frequently Asked Question

In the section below we have added a few frequently asked questions. If you do not see your question and answer in the listings below feel free to contact us here

Question: How many times can I enter in a single promotion?
Answer: There is no limit to the amount of times you can enter into a single promo. The more you enter the higher your changes of winning.

Question: I have won a promo, how do I claim your prize?
Answer: Prizes claim procedures are sent to you via email from the Advertiser. (In some cases you will be contacted via phone to confirm your identity before issuing the prize)

Question: Can I see who won a promo which I was entered in?
Answer: This would depend on the winner. If they are willing to disclsoe their identity we will show it on the website, otherwise it will be shown as an alias.

Question: How can i get my ads/promos onto
Answer: Click on the advertising link at the top of this page. Then complete the registration form. We will then review your application and send you the advetiser login details upon approval. Then simply login and ad your new promo, pay the activation fee and start collection leads and visitors.

Question: How much does each entry via SMS cost?
Answer: SMS entries are charged at R2 per SMS. If you are not a member you will receive 1 entry per SMS, if you are a member you will receive double entries for each SMS.

Question: Why do we charge R2 per SMS?
Answer: Wedding Promos does not take a percentage of advetisers revenue thus providing better deals to our users/members. We receive a portion of the fee levied by the cellphone operators to cover running costs for the websites and earn revenue for Wedding Promos.

Question: How do we handle complaints against Advertiser who do not honour their promo to users/members?
Answer: We take this very seriously and will ban any advetiser with valid complaints against them from using this service in the future. We also encourage users to make sure they are happy with the promo offering before making any payments to advertisers.

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