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We offer a wide range of advertising options for our advertisers. We server as a middle man between advertisers and their prospective clients. We have one package currently available for all advertisers which includes 3 types of ads, that can be placed across the website and we only offer homepage exposure for advertising to external website (These positions are limited)

What does the advertising package offer?

You can create offers and submit them for review on the website. These offers will be seen by all members, subscribers and readers of the website. Currently you can create 3 types of ads on the website.
  1. Promotional: These campaigns are similar to a Groupon concept. You give the user a special promotional offering like a discount on a purchase. The user can then enter to get details on how to claim the promotion and redeeem their offer with the advertiser. Here you can set a specific date-range and limit the amount of promos to be issued.
  2. Competition: This kind promo will have a specific prize/discount linked to it and require a spefici amount of entries before a prize is given.
  3. Give-Aways: These are normally smaller prizes/discounts that have multiple give-aways. We offer random draws, number draws (Example would be every 50th entry will win a promo)
You will also haveaccess to reports and be able to review all entries for your Promos every month.

What does the advertising package cost?

There is a fee that starts from only R 250.00 per month, payable in advance. This provides you with full access to place your promos on the website and start getting in more customers. We do not charge any fees or percentages on any monies you have generated from your promos, all payments the members make for products and promotions you offer will be made to you directly.

You take 100% of what your promo price is.

If you would like to register and become an advertiser, please complete the registration form below and we will contact you.

Homepage Advertising

Homepage placements are strictly evaluated and each request will be manually reviewed. Depending on position, size and frequency of the ad display the pricing may vary.
  • Please note that these spots are limited and you may have to go onto the wiating list for homepage prominent homepage placements